40-man or Rule 5: Every ranked prospect who desires to be wonderful

November seventh, 2022

It’s decision time for Fundamental League front locations of work.

All 30 teams bear till 6 p.m. on Nov. 15 to originate selections about their 40-man rosters. Some possibilities will get a coveted characteristic, some will now now not and would possibly perchance well thus be eligible to be picked up by one more workforce within the Rule 5 Draft, which will occur at the Chilly climate Conferences in San Diego on Wednesday, Dec. 7.

Avid gamers first signed at age 18 ought to be added to 40-man rosters inner 5 seasons or they turn into eligible to be drafted by diverse organizations in the course of the Rule 5 route of. Avid gamers signed at 19 years or older will bear to be wonderful inner four seasons. Clubs pay $100,000 to make a various a player within the Fundamental League section of the Rule 5 Draft. If that player doesn’t raise on the 25-man roster for the full season, he ought to be offered support to his worn workforce for $50,000.

For this year, that near an world or high faculty Draft take signed in 2018 must be wonderful. A college player taken within the 2019 Draft is within the same location.

There are 15 gamers on MLB Pipeline’s High 100 Prospects checklist who want to be wonderful or turn into uncovered to the Rule 5 Draft.

Grayson Rodriguez, RHP, O’s (MLB No. 4)
Diego Cartaya, C, Dodgers (No. 8)
Elly De La Cruz, INF, Reds (No. 14)
Marco Luciano, SS, Giants (No. 16)
Noelvi Marte, SS, Reds (No. 17)
Taj Bradley, RHP, Rays (No. 20)
Curtis Mead, 3B, Rays (No. 35)
Michael Busch, 2B, Dodgers (No. 42)
Brennen Davis, OF, Cubs (No. 48)
Owen White, RHP, Rangers (No. 59)
Andy Pages, OF, Dodgers (No. 66)
Orelvis Martinez, SS, Blue Jays (No. 70)
Kevin Alcantara, OF, Cubs (No. 86)
Ceddanne Rafaela, SS, Crimson Sox (No. 96)
Endy Rodriguez, C, Pirates (No. 97)

It would possibly perchance well perhaps most likely well be repulsive if any of those possibilities did now now not quit up on 40-man rosters by the deadline. Over the final seven seasons, all 73 High 100 possibilities who were eligible got roster spots:

Right here’s a checklist of all 30 teams’ High 30 possibilities who want to be wonderful to manual determined of being uncovered to the Rule 5 Draft:

Arizona Diamondbacks
Dominic Fletcher, OF (No. 13)
Blaze Alexander, SS (No. 14)
Wildred Patino, OF (No. 16)
Jorge Barros, OF (No. 18)
Dominic Canzone, OF (No. 19)
Conor Grames, RHP (No. 28)

Atlanta Braves
Braden Shewmake, SS (No. 5)
Victor Vodnik, RHP (No. 9)
Darius Vines, RHP (No. 15)
Brandon Mezquite, OF (No. 20)
Indigo Diaz, RHP (No. 28)
Tanner Gordon, RHP (No. 30)

Baltimore Orioles
Grayson Rodriguez, RHP (No. 2/MLB No. 4)
Seth Johnson, RHP (No. 10)
Joey Ortiz, SS (No. 17)
Drew Rom, LHP (No. 20)

Boston Crimson Sox
Ceddanne Rafaela, SS (No. 3/MLB No. 96)
Brandon Walter, LHP (No. 7)
Chris Murphy, RHP (No. 11)
Eddison Paulino, SS (No. 13)
Wikelman Gonzalez, RHP (No. 14)
Thad Ward, RHP (No. 15)
Brainer Bonaci, SS (No. 16)
Enmanuel Valdez, 2B (No. 18)
Christian Koss, 3B (No. 20)
Wilyer Abreu, OF (No. 23)

Chicago Cubs
Brennen Davis, OF (No. 2/MLB No. 48)
Kevin Alcantara, OF (No. 3/MLB No. 86)
Yohendrick Pinango, OF (No. 18)
Rush Strumpf, 2B (No. 25)
Luis Devers, RHP (No. 26)
Ryan Jensen, RHP (No. 28)
Kohl Franklin, RHP (No. 29)

Cincinnati Reds
Elly De La Cruz, INF (No. 1/MLB No. 14)
Noelvi Marte, SS (No. 2/MLB No. 17)
Brandon Williamson, LHP (No. 6)
Levi Stroudt, RHP (No. 24)
Ivan Johnson, 2B (No. 28)

Colorado Rockies
Warming Bernabel, 3B (No. 8)
Grant Lavigne, 1B (No. 13)
Juan Guerrero, OF (No. 17)
Brenton Doyle, OF (No. 21)
Aaron Schunk, 3B (No. 26)
Julio Carreras, SS (No. 28)

Chicago White Sox
Bryan Ramos, 3B (No. 5)
Jose Rodriguez, SS (No. 7)
Luis Mieses, OF (No. 21)
Yolbert Sanchez, SS (No. 26)

Detroit Tigers
Reese Olson, RHP (No. 9)
Wenceel Perez, SS (No. 14)
Austin Bergner, RHP (No. 15)
Parker Meadows, OF (No. 16)
Andre Lipcius, 3B (No. 22)
Elvis Alvarado, RHP (No. 26)
Jose De La Cruz, OF (No. 27)

Houston Astros
Jayden Murray, RHP (No. 12)
Cristian Gonzalez, SS (No. 17)
Corey Julks, OF (No. 30)

Kansas Metropolis Royals
T.J. Sikkema, RHP (No. 16)
Alec Marsh, RHP (No. 19)
Diego Hernandez, OF (No. 20)
Samad Taylor, 2B (No. 25)

Los Angeles Dodgers
Diego Cartaya, C (No. 1/MLB No. 8)
Michael Busch, 2B (No. 4/MLB No. 42)
Andy Pages, OF (No. 5/MLB No. 66)
Jose Ramos, OF (No. 8)
Carlos Duran, RHP (No. 19)
Ryan Ward, OF (No. 30)

Miami Marlins
Troy Johnston, OF (No. 19)
Griffin Conine, OF (No. 23)
MD Johnson, RHP (No. 25)
Josh Simpson, LHP (No. 28)

Milwaukee Brewers
Brice Turang, SS (No. 4)
Felix Valerio, SS (No. 14)
Eduardo Garcia, SS (No. 21)
Abner Uribe, RHP (No. 26)
Cam Johnson, RHP (No. 27)
Carlos Rodriguez, OF (No. 28)
Victor Castaneda, RHP (No. 30)

Minnesota Twins
Misael Urbina, OF (No. 8)
Matt Canterino, RHP (No. 9)
Edouard Julien, 2B (No. 14)
Steven Cruz, RHP (No. 28)

Original York Mets
Junior Santos, RHP (No. 16)
Jordany Ventura, RHP (No. 20)
Stanley Consuegra, OF (No. 23)
Nick Plummer, OF (No. 25)
Javier Atencio, LHP (No. 29)

Original York Yankees
Randy Vasquez, RHP (No. 14)
Antonio Gomez, C (No. 16)
Josh Breaux, C (No. 20)
Alexander Vargas, SS (No. 25)
Brandon Lockridge, OF (No. 26)
Edgar Barclay, LHP (No. 27)
Juan Carela, RHP (No. 28)

Oakland Athletics
Lawrence Butler, OF (No. 14)
Euribiel Angeles, SS (No. 17)
Logan Davidson, SS (No. 19)
Brayan Buelvas, OF (No. 21)
Colin Peluse, RHP (No. 24)
Jorge Juan, RHP (No. 30)

Philadelphia Phillies
Johan Rojas, OF (No. 5)
Erik Miller, LHP (No. 7)
McKinley Moore, RHP (No. 24)
Alexeis Azuaje, INF (No. 27)

Pittsburgh Pirates
Endy Rodriguez, C (No. 6/MLB No. 97)
Malcom Nunez, 1B (No. 12)
Matt Fraizer, OF (No. 16)
Maikel Escotto, SS (No. 21)
Matt Gorski, OF (No. 22)
Dariel Lopez, SS (No. 23)
Jared Triolo, 3B (No. 24)
Rodolfo Nolasco, OF (No. 28)
Tahnaj Thomas, RHP (No. 29)

San Diego Padres
Korry Howell, OF (No. 9)
Jairo Iriarte, RHP (No. 10)
Noel Vela, LHP (No. 11)
Tirso Ornelas, OF (No. 18)
Nerwilian Cedeno, 3B (No. 26)
Brandon Valenzuela, C (No. 27)
Moises Lugo, RHP (No. 28)
Matthew Waldron, RHP (No. 30)

Seattle Mariners
Jonatan Clase, OF (No. 13)
Prelander Berroa, RHP (No. 16)
Milkar Perez, 3B (No. 19)
Robert A Perez, OF (No. 21)
Cade Marlowe, OF (No. 22)
Travis Kuhn, RHP (No. 28)

San Francisco Giants
Marco Luciano, SS (No. 1/MLB No. 16)
Luis Matos, OF (No. 3)
Jairo Pomares, OF (No. 14)
Hunter Bishop, OF (No. 23)
Will Wilson, SS (No. 26)

St. Louis Cardinals
Inohan Paniagua, RHP (No. 13)
Dionys Rodriguez, RHP (No. 19)
Connor Thomas, LHP (No. 24)
Moises Gomez, OF (No. 30)

Tampa Bay Rays
Taj Bradley, RHP (No. 1/MLB No. 20)
Curtis Mead, 3B (No. 2/MLB No. 35)
Xavier Edwards, SS (No. 4)
Osleivis Basabe, SS (No. 13)
Greg Jones, SS (No. 16)
Heriberto Hernandez, OF (No. 17)
Kameron Misner, OF (No. 20)
Austin Shenton, 3B (No. 22)
Brett Properly, 2B (No. 27)

Texas Rangers
Owen White, RHP (No. 4/MLB No. 59)
Luisangel Acuna, SS (No. 7)
Dustin Harris, 1B (No. 9)
Cole Winn, RHP (No. 10)
Antoine Kelly, LHP (No. 13)
Jonathan Ornelas, SS (No. 21)
Avery Weems, LHP (No. 23)
Zak Kent, RHP (No. 25)
Mason Englert, RHP (No. 29)

Toronto Blue Jays
Orelvis Martinez, SS (No. 2/MLB No. 70)
Yosver Zulueta, RHP (No. 5)
Gabriel Martinez, OF (No. 8)
Spencer Horwitz, 1B (No. 12)
Addison Barger, SS (No. 13)
Alex De Jesus, 3B (No. 15)
Tanner Morris, SS (No. 18)
Adrian Hernandez, RHP (No. 23)
Alejandro Melean, RHP (No. 30)

Washington Nationals
Jeremy De La Rosa, OF (No. 10)
Jackson Rutledge, RHP (No. 12)
Aldo Ramirez, RHP (No. 18)
Jose Ferrer, LHP (No. 23)
Matt Cronin, LHP (No. 25)
Drew Millas, C (No. 30)

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